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Bakery Classes

Our classes are created to take your expertise and self-assurance in bakery to the next level. Many of these courses will be taught by Gary but from time-to-time there will be special guests, bakers, and pastry chefs to offer their professional knowledge and expertise.

These classes are an ideal and fun way to build your bakery skills and increase your baking repertoire.

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Come and join Gary as you make all you will need for those extra special Christmas baking treats.  This class will be a truly celebratory day of learning to bake all that is wonderful about a Norfolk Christmas.
Try this energy-boosting course in making your own Granola to start your day. Packed with heart-healthy oats, seeds, nuts and berries, it's sure to taste good and make you feel good.
The skill of artisan breadmaking is one of the most satisfying elements of the kitchen. And mastering the basic skills of bread making, learning about the ingredients and the skills in carefully kneading, proofing and shaping the dough is what this introduction to breadmaking is all about.
Discover the ingredients necessary to crafting the genuine flavours of Italian breads, and practice the kneading, proofing and shaping techniques. You will create a selection of baked goods to enjoy during the course and to take away with you, including ciabatta, focaccia, and sweet and savoury pizzas.
For those of you who want to voyage into the depths of bakery further, to understand a little more about specific doughs produced as treats for breakfast or a sneaky mid-morning snack, with some new techniques to master. Suitable for home bakers and professionals alike this full day class will begin by discovering the lamination process of dough and butter. Shaping and moulding the resulting laminated dough to make light airy and buttery pastries.
The bagel originated in Jewish culture before leaping into popularity in New York and the United States of America. Bagels have now become a worldwide favourite. The unique cooking method gives them a delicious, chewy texture and perfect to showcase a multitude of fillings.